Rules Bylaws and Forms

Use the links below to download relevant documents. Files contain association documentation, forms and loads of helpful information. Most information is researched by our members, or provided by specialist organisations.

Association Incorporated Rules

The BRA Constitution (Incorporated Rules & Bylaws)

The Constitution is split into two download files for faster downloading on slower computers or internet connections. Each download file has a copy of the entire Table of Contents for these rules :
Part One
Part Two

Association Bylaws and Forms

Appointment of Proxy.

Refer Association Rule 40. The proxy form must be given to the Secretary before the start of the meeting.
Appointment Of Proxy

Nomination for Committee.

Refer Rule 19. Nominee and proposers must be financial members.
Nomination For Committee

Application For Membership.

Attention Committee and Applicants! This form is a two page document (updated 27-02-2008).
When printing this form, ensure page two (the association objectives), is printed on the back of the form.
Applicants are signing that they have acknowledged our objectives and will abide by the Association Rules. The association requires the objectives to be printed on the back of the form, as evidence that applicants were notified of these objectives and were aware of the Association Rules; when signing the form. Proposers must be financial members.
Application For Membership

Membership Renewal.

Members who have been financial since 2006-2007 can submit this simplified electronic form. New members and not financial since 2006-2007, please use By-law 2. Application for Membership- NEW which must be signed by nominated voting members.
Membership Renewal

Privacy Policy.

The Associations Privacy Policy can be viewed here:

Privacy Policy