Our Objectives

What our Association can provide for members. (Extract from the Incorproated Rules revised 27-02-2008)

Rule 3. The objects of the association are to –

a) Provide a single organisation representing the interests of Bunya residents and protect the natural environment of the general defined area previously known as and now known as Bunya and its immediate environs within the boundaries of the two adjacent Forrest/Conservation Parks and the South Pine River;

b) Provide a forum where residents living in the area described above, can meet and discuss issues of mutual interest, concern or benefit.

c) Provide a single organisation which can link the residents, businesses, sporting groups, social groups, religious groups or other community groups within our community, to foster the betterment of the community;

d) Make or receive representations on behalf of residents via contact with government instrumentalities, businesses and community organisations;

e) Provide a single forum where an individual member will be able to speak about any issue of concern in the area and seek the support of the Association to represent that issue, or address the concern, or help resolve a conflict of interest.

f) Promote the preservation of local buildings, objects or cemeteries and areas of cultural, historic, environmental, aesthetic or scientific importance to the community;

g) Maintain and promote the safety of local residents, by auspicing Bunya Neighbourhood Watch and by liaising with Neighbourhood Watch, Police, Fire Services, Council and Government;

h) Promote good relations between all people in our community regardless of race, religion, politics or ability;

i) Preserve and enhance the natural environment, the amenity and pollution control of our community through education programmes and co-operative projects in consultation with other organisations, Council and Government; and

j) Publish a regular community newsletter for members, establish an association website and electronic means for members to communicate with the association.